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tv   News  ABC  May 13, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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it's okay. we have ourselves a look at some showers on back to the west. looks like someone is trying to dot around howard county this morning back towards frederick. let's look in closer. it looks like a couple sprinkles might be showing up around i-70 and up towards randallstown and north side of columbia near ellicott city. overall, the water view highlights the fact we have a lot of clouds around and temperatures will be slow to respond. upper 60s to near 70 and showers and thunderstorms into the afternoon. and it goes downhill from there into weekend. more on that in a moment. right now, we join tonya hutchins with a look at traffic. >> reporter: i have much better news because we have usual drive times heading out the door. no major problems. volume is still pretty light. you can see 695 at providence road we are doing okay. inner loop has heavier traffic to the left of the screen. outer loop on the right. not a problem at all. if you are heading to 95 southbound from whitemarsh to
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695, it will take five minutes. an accident still harford county car in the ditch. prospect road at bay road. back to you. >> all right, thanks a lot. more flooding for those along the banks of the mississippi river as the rising waters fleeten -- threaten land, lives and homes in the deep south. louisiana has tough choice about how to handle the flooding and sherrie johnson is here to explain. >> reporter: yes, it's moving day in louisiana because of the flood waters. now there's big decisions to be made and some people don't like the options. people in stevensville is being run out by the water. if not from the mississippi river from a tidal way which would flood a plot of lan displacing 2500 people. if the water is not let loose, levees along the mississippi may burst flooding new orleans and baton rouge with results potentially worse than hurricane katrina. it's desperate hours for those whose homes and farms would be lost to spare others. >> i know it's necessary that
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they do what they got to do, but in a way i am a little angry. >> that's what they are telling us. take whatever you want out because it probably will not be there when you come back. >> reporter: the louisiana governor is urning residents to stay calm. they could close down the misaccepty to ships stopping the track on one of the busiest waterways. the u.s. is hoping some of the people who knew the terrorist leader best will give more clues about his plans for al-qaeda. however so far the best information is actually coming from bin laden's words. intelligence and law enforcement officials are coming -- combing through his writings seized during the raid of his home. he wondered if it was feasible to kill president obama or even derail his election. >> he was more involved than
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most people realized after. >> after having killed bin laden there may be a desire on some al-qaeda members to exactrevenge and that's something that we have to be vigilant about. >> a seniors official says the united states is now had the first access to bin laden's wives all at once with pakistani intelligence officers present. so far they reportedly have not been cooperative. congressman dutch ruppeers burger saw the foes of the dead osama bin laden. he says there is is no question that is osam a been lad consider -- osama bin laden and describes the photos as being graphic. he supports the decision not to make the photos public. >> tonight at towson center there's going to be a benefit for a fallen for fighter's family. in true baltimore fashion, the way mark faulkenhan would have loved it. money will be raised at a boil
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roast. faulkenhan passed away fighting a fire. roast starts at 7 at the towson center and runs until midnight and tickets are available. news time 5:34. making news around the nation this morning, in many states, you can't talk on the cell fon while driving. but get this. in hawaii there's proposal to -- there's a proposal to ban cell phones and other electronic devices in crosswalk. so far the reception is not too good. some say with major budget issues, this is the last thing lawmakers should be fighting about. regardless, bill passed the first test and is now onto a committee. 5:34 right now. if you got a parking ticket you know the feeling. you first see the sticker on the windshield and grown. when an iowa woman takes a closer look, she cannot believe her eyes. >> and my ticket is for $750 plus an $85 court fee which makes it $835. >> laura sherman admitted passing up open spaces and
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driving over a red curb and parking on the grass at a sports recreation complex and says she didn't see the no parking on the grass sign even though there's about half a dozen of them. that are on the main road leading into the complex. she said she plans to fight the fine in court later on this month. in michigan, reports of a cape crusader in downtown. the news took emergency responders by surprise. >> you being serious? >> yes i am dead serious. >> police say man dressed up as batman was found hanging from the roof of a building. he was armed, had a collapsable baton lead line gloves and chemical spray. he is arraigned for disturbing the peace and could face prison time. hopefully he won't wear that outfit to prison. they can create some of the most memorable moments on television. we are talking about animals and live reporting. >> coming up next, the report here got a little too close and the camel who caught her off guard. and also ahead, what would you do if you stumbled on
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$2,000 that someone lost? find out what a texas teenage did.
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now "good morning
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maryland." you have to see this. tv news crews infer know what they will encounter on the job. but some surprising footage what happened to a reporter. in virginia they were-- show was on camera and she gets a little love from the animal. the camel came over her shoulder and find her irresistible. he sniffs and takes a big mouthful of her hair. all is well, the reporter was not hurt. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. 5:39. it was not like she was stomping grapes and fell off a box. we have seen that. let's check out this image from the chesapeake bay. at least some of the tributaries that feed into it and dealing with the high water. this one comes from jessica hahn. he wonder if that's the jessica hahn. hey, if so, she is a facebook fan. and i am a happier man for it. jessica, thanks for the picture but you are not so happy.
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this is cypress creek. and you said out you had fish swimming in your backyard. getting higher because the low tide can't drain out. southeast winds and a parking lot of storms in the atlantic causing high water that will continue for those areas that are susceptible especially along the west shores of the chesapeake. rain showers this morning. we may have some off and offspringels. 6 -- and off sprinkles to deal w showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. and a very wet could be soggy saturday. more on the weekend weather in a moment. right now, here's tonya hutchins with a look at traffic. >> reporter: thanks. if you are just heading out the door, you should be okay. leaving about the same time you normally do, let's look at our drive times. we are doing okay. if you are heading from cockeysville, down 83, you will be okay, too. the beltway also 895 south of o'donnell, flowing nicely into the city. no problems to report. 95 at 24 in harford county, we do have an accident there.
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emergency roadwork. one ramp is closed, 175at 95. a toe truck is -- tow truck is on the way. you hear stories about teens getting into trouble but a lot of children are setting impressive examples many can follow. this 15-year-old girl ashley doneson of dallas texas -- donaldson of dallas, texas spotted an envelope stuffed with 2,000 dollars in cash. it belonged to a city employee who claimed it on tuesday. her parents say they are not surprised she did what she did. all right. last night, the birds battled the mariners. >> they did. coming up, were they able to put it together, get it together and bring a sweep home? you get up early to go to work and that's what these folks are doing right now. but your drive around the state is about to get a lot more expensive. i am linda so. a plan is in the works to raise toll fees not once but twice. [ male announcer ] finally. the place they've been searching for.
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5:44. no doubt we are trying to save where we can with gas prices so high, getting around is more expensive. but it could cost you even more if the state has their way.
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abc2 news linda so is live at the fort mchenry tunnel to explain. >> reporter: well, there's a plan in the works to raise toll fees across the state. we are not just talking about a one-time hike. they want to do it two-times relatively close to each other. that means the drive into work and ride across the state, especially here at the fort mchenry tunnel if you have to go through a toll is about to cost more. it's all part of a plan to raise toll fees across the board in maryland. the state transportation authority is considering a plan that would come in two-phases. the first increase would take effect later this year in october and another hike two years later in 2013. drivers who use the tolls on a dealy basis say they can't afford to be slapped with another fee. >> gas prices are high enough now that they are going to raise the bridge tolls too? i don't think it's right. >> reporter: okay. so if this plan is approved, the biggest increase will happen at the bay bridge. right now, it cost dhar 2.50
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each -- $2.50 each way but they want to raise it to five bucks in october and eight dollars in 2013. fort mchenry and harbor and key bridge will be affected. the current dhar 2 toll will jump to dsh -- $2 toll will jump to $4 and -- 3 and $4. >> 2013. to $8 in 2013. you will get a chance to sound off on the proposed hikes. transportation authority will officially review the plan sometime in june. and then there will be several public meetings where you can have your say, then the board will vote on the plan sometime in august. linkedda so, abc2 news. thanks a lot. the governor's brother starts his new job working for baltimore city mayor. peter o'malley is the chief of staff for mayor. >> steve: any rawlings-black. he ran his proper's campaign
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for mayor and govern dr -- brother's campaign for mayor and governor. today two maryland law makers will tour a public computer center at coppin state university. barbara mikulski and ben cardin will announce new web portal to increase computer and internet skills throughout the u.s. >> we know energy advocates will be in timonium for a solar and wind energy expo. it begins today at runs through sunday at the maryland state fairgrounds. the speakers include chelsea sexton the cofounder of the electric car advocacy group called plug in america. today, governor o'malley will host an energy summit awhich strategies and trends that maryland's energy future will be discussed. an update for a story we told you about yesterday. some students at the university of maryland and college park they were trying to get that newman powered helicopter off the ground to seat record. yesterday afternoon -- set a
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record. yesterday afternoon, it left the ground for about four seconds. it was the third known time the human powered aircraft has left the ground and the first time a woman has been in the pilot seat. all right. a little sports this morning. jj hardy. >> to the middle, that's going to be a base hit. game is tied. here comes tox -- comes fox. the throw by saunders and the orioles win. >> welcome back jj. he singled in two runs at the top of the 12th thursday andn baltimore. rallies to beat seattle 2-1 for a three-game sweep. and there it is. he is smiling. after seattle scored the game's first run in the top half of the 12th, the on the's the o's bounce back. -- o's bounce back. jones and guerrero got a hit and loads bases no out and wieter hit a liner leading up to jj andin the bottom of the
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12th. watch. hardy mobbed after the game. manager happy and here's an interesting note in all this. rookie zack britton 9 scoreless innings great night for him. he is very strong for the o's in his rookie season in baltimore. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> the surge of warm air yesterday pushed up us to 79. we got the shift of the wind to tap in the heat to the west and put us to 79 in baltimore. 80 st back to the west and upper -- 80s back to the west and upper 80s. that prompted storms and we are bubbling up the humidity in the form of cloud cover and that will continue to produce showers in towards the weekend. steadier heavier rain cos move in. lows to this morning 60 in baltimore. above normal pace on this friday the 13th. typically, it may bring us 51 in the morning and 74 in the
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afternoon. splits of mid-30s in 1996. 1995 is the high mark. we are showing you a lot of high temperature marks in the 1800. and despite what we have had all week a. good viewing of the sun, all day long, it's not the case as we head through the weekend. much of the upcoming 7 days looks pretty active and stormy. area of low pressure in the heartland. pumping in tropical moisture basically louisiana and yeah up the mississippi river valley. we are looking at rains between arkansas and tennessee on top of memphis. they are getting heavy rain on top of the slow receding flood waters. that stuff is moving in our direction. we are in the cloud cover and we lost our protective bubble of high pressure. and yes, we are stuck in it this morning. on and off scattered light showers this morning. but thunderstorms erupting and can't rule out the chance of a rumble of thunder and a downpour at any point in time nee. start today and go through tomorrow. tomorrow morning a trying at
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long -- a triathlon will be threatened. we have outdoor plans for the day on saturday, thunderstorms likely to erupt in the afternoon. sun heavy downpours and this is just one computer model depiction of where the rain sets up. anywhere in the region could be wet. and that takes us on into sunday morning as well. maryland half we have a lot of 5ks and they will be dealing with wet shoes and that's not a good time. here's the deal. today, we are up to 68 to 70. our two degree guaranteed high. mostly cloudy sky and chance of a shower afternoon thunderstorms looking pretty likely through this evening. and then we will rebuild the chance of rain towards daybreak tomorrow. just plan for rain if you don't have it. consider yourself lucky. we start off at 60s. temperatures reaching into the 70s with rain into next week. >> reporter: traffic not doing too badly. we are getting more volume though top side of the beltway
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isa little congested but we are okay on the 895 south of o'donnell. off and op southbound traffic to the right of the screen is going to be a little bit heavier. we have an accident that was reported. it's clearing on 175 at 95 in jessup. the tow truck should be on the scene and near york where the outer loop is going to have congestion slowing down things for you as you head to the 83s. back to you. >> all right, thanks. it's 5:52. more mail carriers are being attacked by dogs. >> how much it cost u.s. postal service and what the agency is asking pet owners to now do. and the mission was delayed because of electrical problems. the latest on endeavour's planned launch when we come back. [ female announcer ] ethan allen introduces a new way of living at extraordinary savings.
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all right. listen to this. it's not funny. the postal service has a mess ogee for pet ownersp keep the dogs away from the workers. united states postal service released statistics showing more than 5600 letter carriers suffered dog bites and that's last year alone. the attack costs the postal it is more than a million dollars in medical expenses. today congressman ron paul is expected to announce he will run for the white house.
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the official declaration will come at an event in new hampshire. this is his third presidential bid. today presidential candidate newt gingrich addresss the georgia gop state convention. it's going to happen. the former house speaker says he -- his experience has prepared him to return america to hope and opportunity. libyan rebel leaders will meet with senior administration official and members of congress at white house. pressure has been mounting on moammar qaddafi to step down. more on that to come. nasa will gib a briefing about monday's planned launch for endeavour that happens today. some wires had been replaced and the astronauts are in quarantine so they don't get sick between now and monday. we are four minutes away from 6:00. the cuts in education are threatening many teachers across the country. and they are not taking this sitting down. up next, one group is taking a stand drawing attention to the matter even if it means possibly going to jail. and can water keep kids headlighty at a healthy wait.
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i know what's going down first. denny's. america's diner is always open. now "good morning maryland." first the gas and now the tolls. we will tell you how driving in maryland might be taking an even bigger bite out of your wallet. terrifying croon along -- scene. a school bus rolls over and hits a pole. more on the flooding in the deep south. what's considered with the flood watters were little relief in sight. those stories a just ahead on this friday morning. thanks for joining us. and happy try. i will


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